Effects are made using GDevelop 5 particles emitter object. You can use, modify and share them as much as you want to.

Effects included:

-8 different fire effects (number 1)

-4 save/portal effects (number 2)

-Rain and snow effects (number 3)

-9 explosion effects and 1 fuse effect (number 4)

-6 laser/plasma/weird effects (number 5)

-Ghost made using particles emitter object (number 6)

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Made withGDevelop, PixiJS
Tagsexample, gdevelop, particles, Tutorial


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Awesome, just what I was searching for, if we can do it in GDevelop thank you man! :)

Nice. Love the portals! #4, #7 and #8 don't work for me (Firefox).

Hi! Oh, there is no 7 and 8. It seems I forgot to delete those from the text... Hmm that's weird, there should be explosions in number 4 when you press Q, A-L on keyboard layout.

Ah okay. Key 4 triggers some search box in Firefox when not in a text field. It works fine in Chrome.

Man That´s so cool.