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Tags2D, Arcade, Casual, Pixel Art, Singleplayer

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very good concept, congratulations on the game, simple but a lot of fun


Thanks! How long did it take to get such a high score? Did you drop any food or did you just run away?

I can't tell the exact time, but it must have been about 1 hour +. No need to throw food, just run away. later I will record a video of the technique I use

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- if you move one frame before, the snake will advance 1 frame. if you move in the same frame, the snake will advance 2 frames.(when she corners you against the wall, make her walk 2 frames to make the U-turn), now just be patient and get first place KKKKKK


Nice! I think I need to balance the game a bit, so it won't be that easy to just run away :D Thanks for playing and finding such a technique!

Well done!