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Interesting concept, though functionality seems a bit sticky re: the lever to drop the body. Clicking it on the same position doesn't immediately do anything, and I have to click a few times just to get it to function once (either to open or close, as in, I click twice to close the bridge when it's open). If this is from needing to inhibit input during the animation, I'd suggest doing away with the need for a second click and having the bridge replace itself automatically.

there is a thing called cooldown


i like it


love it, the caged slave is my favorite :D


imagine you could do this for a living.

I already do that for a livin


never mind


very fun

Fun game, it starts to lag a big after buying the final creature a few times, but still enjoyed it, good job!!

Thank you! Good to hear you enjoyed it! I think I have to do some optimization to remove lagging.

Pretty good game, the start is a bit slow but after you get the first upgrade it seems to go really fast. Like I said, good game. I hope to see more of this game in the future.

Thank you for the feedback! I'm always curious to hear suggestions how to improve this game even further. Thanks!