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Remake of the game is under development.


StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Action, Shooter
Made withGDevelop
Tags2D, gdevelop, metroid, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Retro, Side Scroller
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

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Can you make a version of your map available for sale?

Hi! Basically you get same result using this example: https://silver-streak.itch.io/gdevelop-minimap-example

Or what part of the map system did you mean?

Ahh nothing, forget it, I did it in a simpler way. lol I'll be posting on the GD5 forum anytime!

I wish this was for linux, but no worries. What I have heard it is a decent game, and I am just sad that I can't play. It's ok though you don't have to make a linux version. Keep doing what you do!

Hi! I started to remake this game, so if everything goes well and I finally finish this project, it will be for linux too for sure!

That is great news! I am glad your doing a remake of it. I will definitely play it when it comes out!

Well made GDevelop game!

Thank you! :)

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This is really well made. It was very fun! 

I love the aesthetics and game mechanics. Level design needs a tiny bit of polish, for instance at that one screen where you land right on the enemy without knowing so, but this is just a nitpick at best :) (and of course, as you said, this is an early version so things like these are bound to happen) 

Keep up the great work!

Hi and thanks!

Yeah there is always something to polish. I hope I get my motivation back to start working this game again :D

Again, thank you!